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Get all of the project management templates and ebooks that we have available in the shop (as of June 2023).

This bundle includes:

1. The Essential Project Documents Bundle which includes:

  • Business case template
  • Project charter template
  • Project plan template, comprising sections for the following sub-plans:
  • Requirements management plan
  • Scope management plan
  • Schedule management plan
  • Cost management plan
  • Quality management plan
  • Human resource management plan
  • Communications management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Change management plan
  • Project workbook including risk, issue, action, changes and dependencies trackers, milestone summary, communications calendar summary, contacts list and a high-level project schedule template in Excel
  • Project report template
  • Project budget template including invoice tracker
  • Lessons learned minutes template, with enough guidance to help you plan a successful lessons learned workshop
  • Project closure document template

2. The Meetings Template Bundle which includes:

  • How to Have Better Meetings: A 47-page ebook covering the types of meetings you'll have at work, plus advice on how to prepare for them, chair them, facilitate difficult moments and follow up afterwards.
  • A meeting agenda template (Microsoft Word) with notes to explain what you should put in each section of the template to make planning your meeting a breeze.
  • A sample meeting agenda, so you can see what a completed agenda looks like.
  • Two different templates for meeting minutes (Microsoft Word) so that you can choose a format to suit you. The templates include what you need to put in each section to adequately record the meeting.
  • A pre-meeting checklist, to help you plan before the meeting.
  • A post-meeting checklist that you can use after your meeting to ensure everything is followed up appropriately.

3. The Project Manager's Productivity Bundle which includes:

  • Productivity for Project Managers ebook (.pdf): 28-page ebook with proven tips to help you get more done at work
  • Productivity Checklists for Project Managers (.pdf): Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checklists for the things you really need to focus on to stay productive and keep your projects moving forward 
  • Productivity Hacks (.pdf): This 7-page ebook offers 14 tips that are easy to implement that will give you quick wins for getting more done.
  • Project Status Reporting Made Easy (.pdf): 47-page ebook detailing 7 steps to faster, more effective project reporting
  • Cheat Sheet for the book 'Not Today: The 9 habits of Extreme Productivity' by Erica & Mike Schultz  
  • Phase Checklists (.xlsx): an excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs so you can stay on top of everything at each step of the process  
  • Productivity Bingo (.pdf): a game to play with your team to keep everyone on top of their day  
  • Phone wallpapers x7 (.jpg): bonus images to keep you motivated or give you the reminder that you need  

4. The Stakeholder Template Kit which includes:

  • A 44-page ebook: The Rebel Project Manager's Guide to Stakeholder Management
  • A stakeholder engagement checklist, that takes you through a four-step process for managing stakeholder involvement
  • Stakeholder identification worksheet (.docx)
  • Stakeholder register template (.xlsx)
  • Organisation chart template (.ppt)
  • Stakeholder interest and influence grid (.pdf)
  • Stakeholder concerns log (.docx)
  • RACI matrix template (.xlsx)  
  • RACI how to guide (.pdf)  
  • Sample stakeholder engagement plan (.xlsx)
  • Roles and responsibilities template (.docx)
  • Information matrix (.docx)
  • Question to ask stakeholders - crib sheet
  • How to review stakeholder satisfaction - crib sheet

5. The Project Workbook and Budget Tracker which includes two spreadsheets to track:

  • High level project schedule/plan
  • Action Log
  • Change Log
  • Decision Log
  • Dependencies Log
  • Issues Log
  • Risk Log
  • Milestone Tracker
  • Communications Calendar
  • Project Contacts List
  • Plus a separate Excel spreadsheet for managing your project budget, with worksheets enabling you to track budgeted and actual project costs, purchase orders and invoices.
  • You also get a 5-page guide to using RAID logs on your project which includes a bonus 20-minute video interview.

6. The Rebel Project Manager's Guide to Saving a Failing Project ebook. It covers:

  • Why projects fail
  • How to spot a failing project
  • 5 Steps for recovering a failing project
  • Team tactics for working with people on struggling projects
  • When to stop a project

7. The Overcoming Imposter Syndrome ebook. It covers:

  • What Imposter Syndrome Is.
  • The 5 symptoms to watch out for in yourself and others.
  • Why people suffer from it. It's more common than you think!
  • 10 Simple ways to boost your self-confidence at work.
  • Easy strategies to eliminate the self-doubt and overcome the feelings of not being quite good enough.

8. The Rebel Project Manager's Guide to Governance and Project Boards. It covers:

  • What governance is and what it looks like
  • Project governance structures and roles
  • The role of the project board/steering committee
  • How to work with a project sponsor
  • Action steps for getting your governance right
  • PLUS: a handy checklist so you can be sure you're covering everything you need to for a structured, controlled project.

9. The Networking: How to Do It ebook. It covers:

  • Why networking is important (and expected)
  • How to build your network
  • Practical tips for "doing" networking, inside and outside your own organisation
  • How to make the best use of networking opportunities at conferences and events
  • A crib sheet of 28 small talk conversation starters to use with people you've just met
  • Access to a webinar recording on how to network for professional development AND the slide deck from this session (.pdf)

10. The Rebel Project Manager's Guide to Project Initiation and Scheduling ebook. It covers: 

  • What goes into a business case
  • How to write a project initiation document (also known as a project charter)
  • How to create the other important documents you need to put in place, namely the risk log, change log, issue log and decision log.
  • How to create a project plan and a project schedule
  • Common scheduling mistakes and how to overcome them
  • Tips for getting work done more quickly when your project has to start (and finish) fast.

11. The Rebel Project Manager's Guide to Taking Over an Existing Project ebook. It covers:

  • The takeover checklist: everything you need to review to ensure you have full control of the project
  • Guidance on how to uncover what is really going on
  • Tips for meeting your project sponsor
  • Tips for picking up multiple projects at the same time

12. Project Management Bingo Cards. These are great for to use for a team building exercise and are just plain fun!

13. The Managing Multiple Projects template bundle. It includes:

  • Action log
  • Dependency Analysis template 
  • Lifecycle tracker
  • Meeting Minutes template
  • Milestone tracker
  • Multi-project Communications Calendar
  • Multi-project Report template
  • Multi-project Status Update Agenda
  • Project Prioritization
  • Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk log
  • Stakeholder Saliency
  • Urgent vs. Important Task document
  • Weekly Report template
  • Workload Overview
  • Stop Start Continue

Plus the following two bonus items that were previously only available as a special:

14. The Project Management Image Bundle. It includes:

  • Set of black and white, and colour icons (.png)
  • Set of countdown icons in black and white (.png)
  • Set of RAG traffic light icons (.png)

15. The Project Management Slide Deck Bundle. It is a fully customizable Powerpoint deck that includes:

  • Business case
  • Project kick off deck
  • Project board meeting
  • Project recovery deck
  • Project status report
  • Radar chart
  • 'Who's in the team' slides
  • Closure template
  • Course of Action template
  • Force field analysis exercise
  • Impact assessment
  • Infographic-style layouts x4
  • User/team member interview

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