Power Hour with Elizabeth

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Is something keeping you up at night? Fancy a chat?

Whether you’re struggling to get a project off the ground, looking for a bit of support from someone impartial outside your organisation or just want clarity by running your thoughts past someone who has ‘been there, done that’… I’ll be your truth-speaking cheerleader and I can help you feel confident about your decisions!

Swap hours of searching for best practice for immediate solutions based on your project environment. Let’s talk about what works in the real world of managing projects, programs and portfolios, because we don’t live in a textbook environment!

You’ll get:

  • My undivided attention and access to my brain for an hour via video conferencing
  • A short questionnaire to help us both get ready for the call
  • Written notes from the call along with any action steps we agreed for you to reference going forward
  • Unlimited email support for 1 week after the call.

Together we’ll:

  • Focus on your immediate and short-term challenges at work
  • Come up with practical, tactical, pragmatic things to move you forward
  • Discuss what will get you the best results.

A power hour is perfect for project, program and PMO managers:

  • Looking to make changes in how they manage a project to get better results
  • Wondering how to build support for their project or team
  • Overcoming sticky political situations at work or dealing with teams who don’t do what they say they will!
  • Wanting a confidence boost and the knowledge they are doing the right thing
  • At some kind of cross-roads or facing a challenge at work, and in need of a listening ear to help formulate an action plan for next steps.

Sessions are one hour long, with other durations by arrangement, and normally within UK office hours, although UK evening times are possible, by arrangement.

After purchase you will receive an email with a link to schedule your mentoring session.

All the ebooks, templates, checklists and bundles are digital files.

I'm unable to provide technical help, due to the variation between different IT systems.

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